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About Me

Seven Wonders Of The World


About Me


Welcome to my website.

My name is Mamoona and I am a Student of American University of Sharjah. My indented major is Management and Marketing. My hobby is to know more and more about the world, its beauty, its uniqueness Thats why I have created a website about the wonders of the world. Moreover second reason for creating this web is my passion. Since my childhood I wish to do web designing, so that I would be able to make my own web site.So here is my wish come True. 

 I thought I knew myself. Then I put three letters before my name and I disappeared entirely. Who knew "www" could provoke such an identity crisis? It was as if I'd been given the opportunity to choose a new name .A website was a chance to receive a Total Reputation Makeover.won't ask why websites for authors—or for anyone—are necessary these days because they're really not. The whole idea of "necessary" is quaint. The Web has turned us into a nation of hobbyists. It's as if we're all attending a high school in which only electives are offered.